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Wooden Top Diffuser Jasmin is packed in an upmarket silk lined white presentation box.


Jasmin enters with a light orange flower and green leaf top note, blended with the sensual heart note of Jasmin. At the base, sweet woody notes of lily of valley brings the fragrance to a seductive close.


Volume: 160ml

Jasmin Wooden Top Diffuser – 160ml

  • Wooden Top Diffuser Packed in Upmarket Silk Lined Black Presentation Box.

    The product can be ordered in twelve different fragrances. Vanilla Coconut (160 ml), Sugared Grapefruit (160 ml), Exotic Rose (160 ml), Forest Fern (160 ml), Jasmin (160 ml), Wild Citrus (160 ml), Green Fig (160 ml), Cape Fynbos (160ml), Luxury Oud (160ml), Pink Champagne (160ml), Spicy Bushwillow (120 ml) and African Lemongrass (120 ml).

    In 2013 Mockana Trading launched The Wooden Top Diffuser in South Africa.  Initially they manufactured and packaged the product on their own premises, constantly developing and improving the product and packaging.

    In order for them to cope with the steadily increasing demands and to make the product more cost effective they decided to outsource the manufacturing.  After a great deal of trial and tribulation with the factory they settled on the product as it is today.  Two of the most significant changes that they made to the original product are:

    • Due to customers complaining that the bottle was underfilled the volume of product in the bottle was increased from 120ml to 160ml
    • The percentage of fragrance was increased from 15% to 25% which is very high and is probably the highest available in any diffuser.

    Originally their Wooden Top Diffuser was only available in one fragrance – Vanilla Coconut. Today they offer it in twelve fragrances.

    Recently they introduced two new fragrances to the Wooden Top Diffuser range: African Lemongrass and Spicy Bushwillow. The volumes of these fragrances are 120ml and are packed in an upmarket Black Tube.

    During this period they have also introduced many new products to compliment the Wooden Top Diffuser and are constantly expanding the range.


    Mockana have 12 different fragrances in the refills

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